this mornin', i woke up. feelin' like money ...

the good life ... it feel like DC ...

i woke up to a very seriou conversation with my man about our future plans and aspirations. then, i dosed back off to sleep; only to again wake to a stomach // back ache and Rocko's This Morning. Now I'm layin' in my bed, checkin' everything from Twitter to Facebook for messages or comments, expectin' to somehow blow up over night ... not this one i guess ...

anyway. while havin this forementioned conversation, I decided i need a TEAM.

2 to be in fact.

a dream team


a cream team.


The Dream Team is a team of thinkers and systematic do-ers who share similar visions and ideas thatis willing to contribute their time & efforts for the closening of our common goals.

The Cream Team is a collection of more litterale do-ers with persistance and determination. Also key producers in the creative process.

comment on the blog or contact me through myspace, facebook, twitter, etc if you can or would like to move with this movement ...