college life is proven to be more hard than i anticipated. like school, i must conquer life. like class, i must pass life's test. like a teacher, i must win over the game. and like students, i must lead them all to the promise land. : ) tlkin shit again.

; )

i'm just sittin here at my computer, feeling cooler den a muh fucka! lol. just realizing that my followers! you don't even know me, at least further than my music selection and fashion likings. so, i'ma start updating you all on my life again!!!! (thank me later!)

Wiz Khalifa 'nem ...

Open Happyness

"Who's Gonna Save My Soul, Now."

why must they speak the words i've thought to say, but never cared enough to utter.

J.C will love this!

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.

1 take. student film fa ya!

: )

: )

Sick Vid.

speaking of Beth Ditto, The Gossips - Heavy Cross

i think i need to do LSD to understand the meaning; but great song. TRiPPED / SiCK ViD KiDS!


love this pic,

Shaun Ross, i believe!
check the shoulders ... KILT iT!

via Flashing Heights!

Model Much !?

-- her name is Abby Lee and isn't she a beauty ...
peep her running with: A. Wang, Fendi, Gucci and other fashion big wigs this past Fashion Week.
i'm in looooveeee!


blogging is fun for me again!

Beth Ditto

i never payed her much attention, but she is a bad mutha fucka!

Pat Yo Weave, Wale & UCB

-- DMV x congo drums x Beyonce sample = : )

Slimmey, Paint Your Face!

Paint Your face-Sliimy

quite cool!!!!!

The Dead Weather - Cut Like A Buffalo

via Planee Jane, again!

the reds, blks, and blues.

visual stunner! (via Planee Jane)