so once again, I'm left to my blog ...

tonight was interesting and more importantly, inspiring! a couple of things happened to me that made me realize, truly what I'll never let my life become; a hot ghetto mess. in turn, i was re-focused and this time even more set on my goals.

i can't give my nigga's 1/2 a credit. ily you bitches to death !!!

& further more, ily world. i can't wait to give you guys the show you deserve !!!

LALA's Nu Nu HairCut is BooKoo CUTE!!!

so, she bags Melo, is bookoo known for her VJ skillz and has offically PIMPed what Cassie failed at! ily LA LA !!!

Charles Hamilton get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!


Please Stand By ...

My blog is mad at me for some reason && won't do right so exscuse the untidiness ... i'ma keep grindin' && postin' , but still i apologize. it should all be good soon enough ... promise ... lls.

Mos Def is the Muneey ...

boom boom pow ...

cool kid resume':

uno. STAR in a buch of bad ass films!
2. got a ill street blues type sick style!
tree. hosted DEF POETRY JAM!!! (deep && shit)
IV. friends with Dave Chappelle, Common, && Talib.
fifth. oozes SEX APPEAL in a nerdy chic kind of way.

in otha words. I LOVE HIM! take me ... plz.

Now is Always.

creation ... ! ah!
here i am, in my boy breifs and worn tank top, chewing on my Valentine's Day gift and watching Good Times. i had a tiring day at work ... and i didn't get to see my baby tonight.
so, i go home and lay down and stumble onto a blog. as ususal, i got zapped into the internet's Twilight Zone of an artsy crownd's sitew paradise ... moral being, i'm inspired.
you never know when you wake up what will happen, or even if anything will happen.
i woke up today, in a cold sweat because of unexplainable dreams. i never knew i would blog. i never knew i would be creative. i never knew i would be inspired ... you never really know ...
all i know is i am.
& now is always ...

N I A Imani.

Kanye West "Paranoid"

KANYE WEST "PARANOID" feat: RIHANNA Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

the name ...