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Brittany = Brilliance ?

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ok. despite bald heads and bad parenting, Brittany Spears speaks is on some g-shit. other than sexin' up ugly ass school uniforms to the umpth degree and bagging J-Timberlake at his peak, Brittany's quotes have true meaning. Ex?

"There's only two type of people in this world. Those who entertain and one's that observe."

True. True.

(there really is no really point to this post other than to give Ms. Spears her due props for a ill ass career and some hot lines done in style [most of the time]; so i guess there is a point. And beyond that valid point, in between these lines my inner bad bitch is screamin' "STOP OBSERVING ! ! !" ugh. Life truly is a Circus.

"you don't know about it, I'm on my grown man ..."

well, since gradauation ( about 4 days ago) my adulthood has hit hard. It's seemed that in this little bit of time, I've made more "grown up decisions" than I have in life thus far. One of the most buzz worthy, would be my decision to start blogging more seriously! (everyone gasps in disbeleif) (crowd applauds) My "hype" factor isn't where i'd like it to be so ... WORLD THiS iS ME. Nia Imani good Kushii.


& i'm here II stay baby.
xo yo.

This girl gives Biz Markie a run fa his money...