Kick Ass or i'ma Kill Yo Ass !?!?

in example ...

kick ass Rihanna. tribute the MJ.

i'ma KILL yo ass Beyonce. at the BET AWARDs!

I guess the aim was angelic, but the shotter had a seizure and landed right on Drag Queen marrige. Ru Paul, is that you?

Kick Ass Boots Ciara in the Work video!

i'ma KILL all yall asses for this picture!

how awkward is this shot. first, why is Chris Rock there and with his hand on his hip? why does Shaq's face look so chopped & screwed? Does Bow Wow even have on shoes?! The closest anyone came to normal was Brown, despite his Bugs Bunny toothed smile...

chris rock, chris brown, bow wow and Shaq! the new Motley Crew!

... in conclusion, Beyonce will star in a new movie ... angels v. drag queens and next time they play a pick up game, Bow Wow will rock Shaq shoes (only at your local K-Mart) lol