iNSPiRE ME ii BE A HiGHER ME // real life edition.

Usually my inspiration comes from a form of Fine Arts, from Fashion to Music, but today; a day filled with tears, rain, sweat, and dissappointment; my inspiration has come from a conversation. What was that conversation about? Well, nothing much. How you been? What are you doing? Who was this conversation with? My cousin, Bobby. I'm not close with him. I haven't spoken with him in a long time. Still, this conversation meant the world to me ... that someone cared ... that he called me without reason or real purpose, other than to say Wat's Up!? I love him for it. You never know how much pickin' up the phone and sayin' Hey could do ...

also inspiring me ... - an amazing photographer from down here ( ie.Mobile, AL )

this model i found via Amber Rose's Twitter ... who no one seems to know ...

My FrontLine Entertainment PhotoShoot, which I'll preveiw below ...

a very great cause that I am now campaining for ... GEMS. Girls Education and Mentoring Services! It's for ex prostitutes rehibilition.
I learned of it from this documentry ... Very Young Girls. check it out HERE ... it shows a very different side of the life.

I really like his political stand point and the comedic twist that he puts on this ever growing mockary we call government!

Ya' Know :

emotions aside, no matter why or if it is sensable, I FEEL BETTER ... ya know, I FEEL GOOD !!! Hey ... ! I knew i would ... lls.


Melanie! said...

nice pics. and i agree with the "you never know what picking up the phone and sayin hey could do."
what's amber rose's twitter lol