quick post in the mist of change.

things in life never cease to surprise / impress. like a fuckin' beautiful nightmare i'm living the college life of Thursday night parties, tattoos, peircngs, homework, and a shit load of new names and faces to match. i'm taking it as slow as this life will let me...just living with a general outline 'stead a plan with the inevitablity to fail and allowing myself to live all the while. i am though excited to see how this next couple of weeks plays out with this new sense of calm and clarity in toe...trying to do my PR thing. focused on success. smiling all my days. laughing my lul ass off. and strike mean ass poses just to keep all the cool cats hoppin' ... lol. : p


downlow said...

You're beautiful! Love your blog, too. I'm a beach lover as well.

I'm one of your newest followers, won't you become one of mine?

Katlynne LaSalle aka ms. downlow