Cut the Shit.


so, i had a feeling ... and before i could shake it, i grabbed my sewing scissors and began chopping away at my hair. i was scared, but i couldn't allow myself to stop. i had a feeling that that night would be a good night and that life's gonna be a good life ... so i'm going with my feelings.

other thoughts, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

i love you !!!

and i have UAB orientation in 2 days ... wish me luck! sadly, that's about it for me tonight ... ily world.


Ash Fox said...

i LOVE the hair!


Anonymous said...

Hahah it fits you! looking gorgeous :)

I love spontanious hair cuts. I did mines last week, short as hell though.


CharlieBrown said...

cutepics...pls follow my blog

Rich Hippie said...

i love your earings there simply perfection!!!

K. Michel said...

Sometimes, you have to dive right in... this is the kind of behavior successful people enact. That's what life is about, babe.

Plus, it looks kind of fly Miss Nia. Definately made the right choice.

Organic Meatbag said...

awesome haircut!! Good stuff, and happy birthday to your dude!