music is the movement.


i never dreamed i'd feel this way.
music moves me // music is the movement. & i know this because i sit at this desk listening to Common's "Retrospect for Life", hearing Lauryn Hill's voice and thinking back to the Stevie Wonder song that influenced the chorus; i'm moved. the music....
harder than i thought it'd be to put in words...
isn't it amazing how an artist can put into words so simply elequantly what you feel, think or speak.
what you need.
like a high...
more powerful than an drug injected, smoked or snorted.
it moves // music is a movement.
the power to bring to tears the driest lift the sestile calm the most unrest soul.
this HiGH is freedom.
God is Freedom.
so as Ms.Hill said Everthing is Everything.
Nia says Music is Everything.
...everything moving me. music is the movement.
and as my emotions run higher than these social drugs can get me, my mind zones to a place with no boxes to get out of, my body steps in tune with the beat; i'm moving.
cuz music is a movement.
& i never dreamed i'd feel this way.