Nia Speaks:


My name is Nia Imani 'good Kush.
i am the President of Yaah Meen Team.
chea...i rock.
lemme tell you sum....

Yaah Meen Team is a MOVEMENT!
i got sum 'splainin ta do...

Y M T is ...

A group of like minded individuls whose passion and style (Yaah Meenary) sets them apart from others. We are a team of motivated young ppl with goals all in the Entertainment Industry. Our talent and skills range from Modeling to Graphic Design to Music Production. We do this shit, basically and look good as we do so. We're the kids the cool kids look up to. G Shit.

Now, UpComing Events...

Meen Modeling.

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Yaah Meen TV.
[synopsis down dere]

[any serious inquires about YMT should mssg me or email me at]

Stay Tuned for Yaah Meen Tv and otha Yaah Meen Team Updates //


sign-off: Nia Imani


miss.jasmine said...

Thats the MOVE bitch!!!! love ya