-- i'm feeling like a stupid little cunt, now. i just got my grades & it's looking like 2 C's 2 B's & 1 A. : (

i feel like a fucking failure. i hate this feeling, esp because the classes i got C's in were both Communication class & that's my fucking major. next semester, of course, i'll do better. i just hate knowing my potiential, yet being judged with bad grades. i wish my heart & soul were the only things people could see. in that case, i'd be so far ahead of where i am now ... in a perfect world. However, i don't live in a perfect world yet. i'm working on it.


Eury said...

don't worry these things happen. Im a Comm major also so I know the feeling, it may have been you, or the professor... lets blame the professor :)

keep ya head up

ThinkGoHard said...

Just keep working at it fam. You'll get there. C's get degrees. Do some networking land a job off your personality. Grades are only half the picture.

Dope header on your blog too fam.

Mista Jaycee said...

Man you are so demanding on yourself! You are just a Human Being! Now, stop kicking up all that dirt and BE the darn success God already made you!

PS. Happy New Year! Stop by my blog! (Wink,smile)

NateAnthony said...

"i just hate knowing my potential, yet being judged with bad grades." <---agreed!

there are so many youth out there that have amazing potential and drive but because of there bad grades teachers and others decide to dumb them down and not give them the time of day... its sad